Bjarni E. Gu­leifssonB˙na­arfÚlag ═slands, BŠndaskˇlinn ß Hvanneyri, Rannsˇknastofnun landb˙na­arins, Rannsˇknast÷­ SkˇgrŠktar rÝkisins, Tilraunast÷­ hßskˇlans Ý meinafrŠ­i, Vei­imßlastofnun1989ReykjavÝk

NJF seminar nr. 135.

Is- og vannskader hos overvintrenden landbruksvekster /
Ice and water damages on perennial herbage plants /
Svellkal og drukknun ß gr÷sum og vetrarkorni

One of the workgroups within the Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientist (NJF) has been dealing with winter damages in perennial agricultural plants. The workgroup has sponsored several seminars on the subject and on 11-13th of June 1988 a seminar on: Ice and water damages in perennial herbage plants was held in Akureyri, Iceland. Participants were 30, ten from Iceland, seven from Norway, six from Sweden, four from Finland, two from Denmark and one from Canada.

The program was divided into four sections:
    1. Extent of ice and water damages in the Nordic countries.
    2. Causes and factors influencing ice and water damages in herbage plants.
    3. Genetic aspects in plants related to ice and water damages in herbage plants.
    4. Prevention and repair of ice and water damages in herbage plants.

Abstracts of the lectures were published in Nordisk Jordbruksforskning 71(1), 61-88. The 23 lectures were delivered in English or one of the Scandinavian languages, and 19 of them are published here. Some of these papers do not contain new research results, but give a general description of the extent of the problem or a summary of older results.

Bjarni E. Gu­leifsson (secretary of the workgroup)